Fintech is only 1% finished | The fintech market ft. Simon Taylor | 11:FS Explores Lightboards

Fintech is only 1% finished.

But what do we mean by that?

Simon Taylor, Head of Ventures at 11:FS takes us through the landscape of financial technology in this Lightboard edition of 11:FS Explores.

When you take a look at the customer numbers that financial services brands are serving in any particular segment, it’s apparent that the majority of UK Fintech brands currently operate within areas that have high customer numbers, but low value-per-customer. For example, areas with high customer numbers such as retail are being served by market-leaders such as Monzo, Starling, and Revolut. Retail is one of the most over-served markets by digital banking providers at the moment – but considering 12 million UK customers have a digital bank and the majority aren’t moving their salary into it, there is still a lot of work to be done, and that shows it.

But the biggest edge in recent times is the massive changes to the supplier landscape – from onboarding and KYC, to payments, to Banking as a Service. Prospective fintech companies now have the chance to assess the opportunity space for their proposition and to get a full view of the suppliers available to them.

With such a robust supplier landscape emerging – it means that any company can be a fintech company.

The market has blown wide open.

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